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©2018  christi friesen

I was just thinking... how many folks can actually meet me in person for a workshop? not so many ... BUT how many people can meet me ONLINE for a workshop? Waaaay more!

So let's try something fun. 

Sign up now for this "Christi A Go Go" adventure and you'll get access to a special secret facebook group where i'll post videos, pix and witty remarks all this year!  It started with my adventure in Maui and it just keeps on going with stops in NYC, Cleveland, Paris, Venice, Dublin, San Antonio, Seattle, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Thailand and lots of places in between!

Included in those posts will be frequent video mini classes showing techniques and projects as well as live "over-the-shoulder" looks at what i'm creating as i'm creating.

New posts will go up almody everyday and there will be the usual facebook ability to comment (and ask questions). You will continue to have access to the page ongoing forever and ever, so you can always go back and watch the videos anytime.


Ok, so once you purchase this virtual adventure, i'll send you an email and invite you to the special secret group. Accept that invite (it will show up in your facebook Notifications) and you're in! 


Sound fun? Let's GO GO!

#ChristiAGoGo: a year-long virtual creative experience