Some helpful products this month!

This month we're using mostly clay, but here are some helpful products you might like!

This dude uses resin. i used MagicGlos™ UV resin in the tutorial but mentioned that you can use air-dry resin too. Here's a link for MagicGlos on my site (don't forget to use your Golden Circle member coupon code for your 15% discount!) MagicGlos:

Ice Resin is a good air-dry resin. You can get it on amazon here:

Ok so this project is all about powders! I used ones from my own SurfaceFX line for this - Crash, Neon Princess, Zing, Reflections, Caramel, Tidepool, The Gloaming... you know, all the good ones. here they are:

But you may also want to try PanPastels™ if you haven't already. I really love them! i know you've heard me talk about them. Here's an amazon link for a good starter set of colors that i really recommend:

Have fun with your creativity this month. Make for the pure joy of making!

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